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Orchestrator – Integration Pack Wizard Installation

In order to create integration packs, you need to install the ‘Orchestrator Integration Pack Wizard’. The requirements for the toolkit, can be found here: I have the following files, in order to complete the installation: The installation has a requirement of the WIX (Windows… Continue Reading →

SCORCH PowerShell Version

PowerShell Version utilised by System Centre Orchestrator By default, System Centre Orchestrator uses PowerShell version 2; of course this is slightly annoying, when you wish your code to make use of PowerShell version 3+ features, not mentioning the fact: ‘but… Continue Reading →

SCSM Automation with SMLets and Orchestrator

For integration into SCSM, SMLets is great and can be downloaded from the following location: Using in System Center Orchestrator really enhances the automation ability of SCSM, mixed with the integration pack. There are some really good guides on… Continue Reading →

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